When it comes to haircare and styling products, I am very particular about what I use on my hair. Sometimes I dont really have a choice because I am a model by profession- so if the stylist likes it, they use it to style our hair. I can safely say that I have tried and tested close to 50 different brands.

I have decided to feature some of them on this blog and do a quick comparison for you as i have had many people mail me and ask which is the best flat iron on the market...

Ok, Lets start with


12 years ago, this was the SUPERBRAND! GHD changed the way we styled our hair forever. It felt brilliant, it was new and it performed very well. Even though other  hair irons existed before the birth of GHD -  GHD was marketed very well and women were sold. My first ghd was bought in 2003, it gave me 7 years of amazing service with no hassles at all. I then upgraded to the ghd GOLD expecting it to be an upgrade with more advanced features - Sadly though GHD have turned out to be quite disappointing as their irons fail to live up to their legendary name. GHD still forks out millions on marketing - but all that marketing cant hide a poor quality iron, most of my friends have also discovered that the new ghd's perform very poorly.We expect a hell of alot more from a hair iron, especially because we spend a fortune on them. My hair feels dry, gets frizzy and buffs up very quick with the newer ghd's. After two or three hours, i look untidy and need another quick touch up with the ghd. Will i spend on another ghd? N E V E R! Dont be fooled by the pretty packaging - the ghd irons are not as good as they once were.


I fell in love with the Cloud Nine the very first time I used it. The heat settings were new, Icould choose between 6 different temperatures. - C9 gave my hair a shine and it was different from the boring old ghd. I later discovered that 3 guys founded ghd, they had a dispute, sold ghd and went their seperate ways....After a few years one of those guys started a new company called Cloud Nine. Well, hey at least he gave us something a little better than ghd.

My friends noticed that my hair looked alot more shiny, the iron worked well and was alot better than ghd.
The packaging is simple, quite ordinary. No frills. The cord was an improvement from ghd - It could Swivel & Pivot.It also has a protective cap that covers the iron (easy for travelling). As much as I can rave about Cloud Nine, the truth is that the irons had to be replaced 3 times under guarantee due to the same beeping fault. So absolutely no points to Cloud Nine for reliability... For the price you fork out for a professional iron like Cloud Nine, you rather not have the troubles that come with it.


My first encounter with the GLAMPALM was on a fashion shoot. This iron did something very different and unique to my enhanced my haircolor, It made my hair feel "healthy" again and I noticed that i woke up with perfectly straight hair the next day (and i mean PERFECT!) I simply had to get my hands on a GLAMPALM and was overjoyed to find that it is WAY more advanced then CLOUD NINE & GHD put together! Its a very simple looking product, but its by far the best performing hair iron that i have ever used.

My hair looked shiny, glossy and naturally straight. It felt so light and airy...
I was also impressed as it had a special "clinic" mode that allowed me to treat my hair with leave in treatments as well .! It also has the swivel & pivot cord, protective cap for travelling, a THREE METRE cord with a tie, wait for it....11 Heat SETTINGS!

Curls & waves come out beautifully each time and are very easy to create with Glampalm. Once again, I sleep with curls and wake up with curls...It really retains whatever style I create. All in all, a brilliant, super advanced product! Well Done GLAMPALM! Amazing Product!




The ghd iron is in a really nice Black & Gold Box, this set comes with a gold roll up bag and a mat to keep your iron on.


Presented on a plastic wedge inside a matte black box - covered with a sleeve protecting the box.Big blue  circle on the side.


The Glampalm iron is in a fancy black clutch bag with a cool strap that buttons at the back of the bag, it has two sectioning hair clips. The clutch bag is placed in a box that is lined with silver satin. The box is black with a  matte finish and the lid is magnetised. It has a protective sleeve over the box that is glossy and well designed. Very elegant.


  1. No heat settings - Just an on and off switch 
  2. Dark gold ceramic plates
  3. Swivel Cord (NO PIVOT)
  4. Sleep Mode
  5. Protective Cap

  1. Six Heat Settings
  2. Black ceramic coated Plates with "secret" minerals (They dont disclose what is in the plates, So it could be something super fantastic or could also be absolutely NOTHING!)
  3. Swivel & Pivot Cord
  4. Sleep Mode
  5. Protective Cap

  1. Eleven Heat Settings 
  2. Swivel & Pivot Three Metre Cord with built-in cable tie 
  3. Ceramic Coated Plates with Alumina Powder 
  4. Healing Stone Technology
  5. Worlds first twin controlled heating system with dual ceramic heaters
  6. Emits far infrared rays & anions for smoother styling
  7. Generates negative ions which reduce static
  8. Specialised "Clinic" mode to treat hair



  1. Fixed heat makes this iron the least versatile when it comes to styling. 
  2. Tends to dry out my hair after prolonged use - My hair needs lots of treatments when i use this iron
  3. You need to go over the hair quite a few times to get the result you want
  4. Hair tends to buff up and frizz a few hours after use


  1. Glides through the hair much easier than ghd
  2. Straightens with less effort than ghd
  3. Hair looks glossy after ironing
  4. Stays straight the entire day
  5. Using it at 150 degrees is a complete waste of time, doesnt do much
  6. When i turn up the heat, the entire case of the iron gets extremely hot and makes it difficult to use
  7. At the highest heat setting my hair feels very hot and i am unable to run my fingers through my hair


  1. Slides through the hair with ease
  2. One slide and hair is perfectly straight
  3. Hair stays straight till the next wash
  4. Hair is glossy and shiny
  5. Using at lower temperatures works well
  6. When i turn up the heat, the iron works well and performs better
  7. The motor inside the iron makes a buzzing sound, this is normal
  8. Curls dont need hairspray, they last very long
  9. Hair remains the same after styling, it doesnt dry out, frizz or buff

The Verdict

At some point in my life, I did feel attached to each of these irons above. However, If i had to compare all three with each other and be very objective GLAMPALM is my overall winner. 5 Star Rating to GLAMPALM.

Dont be fooled by marketing and sales talks from stylists. GLAMPALM has the most advanced features and the perfomance remains unmatched.Its not just my opinion, the FACTS prove that GLAMPALM is by far, more advanced. -


sasha nicole said…
GHD is just over rated! It damages my hair so bad! Thanks for this cool blog - i really enjoyed this review :-) keep them coming.

Tammy C said…
Great blog and very informative. I bought a Glampalm a week ago and agree 100% with you. Its the best styler I have purchased and makes my hair look and feel amazing.Simply love it
David said…
I just saw GlamPalm is now available in Australia and New-Zealand. They are doing a pre-launch offer!

Contact them through facebook or

Shaolona said…
Bought the glam palm today and all I can say is amazing
mandy said…
I live in Cape Town and was able to order online (thankfully) - i was so afraid of buying something i never tried before - but i am so glad i did! GLAMPALM IS THE BEST IRON EVER - You really dont have to touch up hair again - it stays beautifully shiny and everyone at work was literally STARING at my new hair :-) #blush #blush
kerry lee smith said…
I am having a continous problem with Cloud Nine. THe stupid thing refuses to come on and this is the FOURTH time my cloud nine was replaced in 11 months!!!! i am so sick of it!! stay away from CLOUD NINE IRONS - they are not worth a penny!
jainy naidoo said…
what a lovely review! thank you! this is so helpful

Anonymous said…
GLAMPALM ROCKS! I m loving my magic series styler - it came in a combo pack with a beautiful curling wand as well. I love your review. Can you also please review hairdryers????

claire said…
Hey! I live in Cape Town as well. Please could you tell me where you ordered your Glampalm iron from? I really want one but I'm nervous about fake websites.
Anonymous said…
Hey Mandy...I'm in Cape Town too.. could U please steer me in the right diretion as to how U ordered yours online an what site did U use, an what it costed...pretty please!!
Thanks for sharing this information with us. It really help me a lot.
Anonymous said…
Hi Mandy,

Please can you let me know where online you purchased your Glampalm.
im also in Cape Town.

Unknown said…
I don't use a hair straightener but I think I might buy myself one. Thanks for the review! Straightening flat iron is something that witnessed its huge demand among those seeking to improve their hair style to get fantastic appearance.
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Anonymous said…
Could anyone advise me on a reliable site to purchase glampalm straighteners from who ship to the UK
goria12wills said…
I thought Cloudnine was best among the pack but thanks to your post, I know it’s certainly not the best flat iron out there. I am going to try one of other two and will post review soon within couple of weeks.
Anonymous said…
Hi, I was wondering.. 3 years later, are you still in line with this review? I mean, do you still think Glampalm is the best iron straightener and would still recommend it?

Unknown said…
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Winston said…
I'm glad that your verdict was for the GlamPalm. We absolutely love using it.
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